World Smile Project is a social campaign to gain awareness for charities by individuals like you, upload your smile today to tell the world what charity you support, then we will watermark your photo, load it to our social feed and email you a copy for you to share with the world. When you post it hashtag #iSmileFor then the charity you support, and don't forget to tag us.


Social media is a powerful tool that can be truly used for good. We're here to make sure that whatever makes you smile puts a smile on another's face.

World Smile Project encourages companies to give back using a powerful and growing platform: your phone. For every smile you post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter through our mobile app, a watermark and the hashtags #worldsmileproject and your selected #charity will appear in the photo caption text. For every #worldsmileproject and #charity hashtagged smile, one dollar will be donated to your charity or a spotlight charity of the month by companies around the world. It's a fun and easy way for all of us to give back, one smile at a time.



World Smile Project brings awareness to charitable causes around the world, but we can only accomplish our goals with the tremendous generosity and support of our partners. Whether you're an individual, local business or multinational organization, fighting for a cause you believe in is a battle that's never lost.

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